Product description

Product descriptions are texts that explain the features and characteristics of products. As a rule, product descriptions are used in web stores and serve to inform potential customers and reinforce their intention to buy.

The e-commerce industry has become unmanageably large in recent years. Countless web stores operate their business on the net more or less successfully and sell products of all kinds. Online shipping offers many advantages for customers and sellers, but can only make some things possible to a limited extent, above all direct contact with the product and a good consultation. In order to still be able to advise the customer and bring the product closer to him, store operators are significantly dependent on informative and helpful product descriptions.

Product descriptions are informative texts that show the reader the features of a product. Depending on the target group and website, they should be suitably designed to reach the potential customer and convince him of the product.

Goals of a good product description

A product description presents the features of a product to the potential customer – usually in a complete, informative and concise way. At the same time, it excites him emotionally and presents the advantages of the product. Depending on the web store and the target group, an entertaining or a factual-neutral presentation of the product can be beneficial. The final goal is not only to encourage the customer to buy the product through the product description, but also to strengthen his trust in the store. The text should try to do what the salesperson’s job is in the store: the customer should ideally leave the store with a good feeling and a new product.

However, product descriptions should not only provide the customer with perfectly suitable information, they should also serve as an entry page to the store via Google, Facebook, Twitter and Co. A good product description is also always the text to a suitable landing page and should therefore be reader-friendly and search engine optimized. This means that sensibly designed headlines, titles, meta descriptions, URLs or images are mandatory.

What store operators should pay attention to

In order to appeal equally to the customer and the search engine, there are some basic things to consider when creating a good product description:

Target group: The target groups of the store and the respective product have a decisive influence on the text design of a product description. Not every target group can be addressed with the same style and the same content. A good target group and product analysis is therefore the top priority for every store operator. Some of the most important questions that need to be answered are:

  • Who are the product’s buyers?
  • How much explanation does the product need?
  • What exactly does the respective target group do with the products? How can I arouse their emotions?
  • What additional information can I offer the target group?

SEO/Unique Content: The search engine optimization of a product description can be essential for survival in highly competitive e-commerce. Store operators should at least pay attention to the appropriate keywords – long tail and short head keywords -, good on-page optimization and, above all, unique content. Because Google wants to avoid duplicate content: Texts that have been copied or completely taken over by the manufacturer are not only negative in the evaluation of the search engine’s algorithm, but also offer no added value to the customer and are hardly appealing in design.

Length and design: The length and design of the text are strongly dependent on the target group and the product itself. It is often the case that product descriptions should be short and concise in order to quickly provide the customer with all the important information about the product. However, it is just as often the case that the reader should be provided with as much useful content as possible. Especially with more expensive products, buyers would rather get detailed information about every little detail than buy where they get short and heartless information listed. The use of images, videos, reviews and tests can also vary from product to product. Helpful additional information can also be outsourced (to your own blog) and well-linked when in doubt. Almost always, however, readers should be emotionally addressed and activated in one form or another in the text.

Legal requirements: Besides problems with Google and bored readers, duplicated content can also bring copyright issues. If images, texts or other content of the product description are taken from other providers, this should not be done without prior declaration of consent.

Content of a good product description

Some elements should be found in every good product description, others depend on the description:

Meaningful headline: The headline should show at a glance the key features of the product.
Introduction: The beginning of the text leads the customer towards the product. Depending on the article and the store, the introduction can be more extensive, entertaining and/or emotional. Store operators can also decide here whether the product description should begin directly with a vivid, informative description of the product or whether the benefits of the item should be illustrated first, for example.
Lists: Lists are an excellent way to quickly provide an overview of the product and its benefits. Conceivable here would be lists with the most important technical details or the greatest advantages of the article.
Product data sheet: A document that lists the complete product details can be useful for many products. Such product data sheets are often found in the form of a PDF. They offer store owners the opportunity to show a great amount of detail about an item, which would make the text of a normal product description look too crowded and confusing.
Photos and videos: Photos and images of a product are mandatory. Not only do they make an article much more tangible, but, given the right design, they can also do an excellent job of emotionalizing it. Product videos are usually much more expensive to produce, but can be worthwhile, especially for products with a high need for explanation and also for lifestyle products.
Cross-linking: If the opportunity exists, store operators should integrate links to similar products and accessories into the description. This not only increases the chance of conversion, but can also strengthen customer loyalty if the user is thus guided through a helpful and well-designed web store. This also includes links to “the products other customers have bought”.
Link to the manufacturer, if applicable: A link to the manufacturer can increase trust in the store. But be careful: any link to an external site also increases the risk of losing the user on the site.
Reviews and tests: Citing excerpts or full reviews and tests can be a good way to highlight the merits of a product. Matching reviews or tests from reputable testers also boost confidence in the item. Test seals can also help make the quality of a product more credible.
Social media connection: Including buttons for liking, sharing and tweeting are a great way to attract new customers and/or generate a higher conversion.
Price and delivery details: Prices and delivery details should be prominently displayed and be transparent and understandable for the customer. Delivery details include costs as well as availability and estimated delivery time.
Tips for use: Texts, images, graphics and videos that show the customer possible uses and special features can be worthwhile. Such details can help web stores specifically stand out from the competition by offering users real added value. However, it can be very time-consuming and/or expensive to create such content.
Call-to-action: A final call to action such as “Order now” can increase conversion. In many online stores, such a call-to-action is already integrated (in the buttons) anyway. If not, it can be a useful addition to any product description.

Good product descriptions are one of the most important elements of any online store. In the best case, they should replace the consultation, inform the customer, emotionalize and encourage him to buy. In addition, a product description is also always the text of a landing page and should therefore also be designed for Google and Co. When creating it, it is therefore not only important to pay attention to the target group of the store, the length and design of the text and legal requirements, but also to optimize it for the search engine. The content of a product description can be very diverse, but should always be tailored to the product, store and target group.


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