To introduce you to this Local Search Ranking Factors Guide I am going to start you off with definitions of words and as you go on you will learn the top 5 factors that have a positive effect on Results and other things like that. So I hope you enjoy this Guide and I hope it will help you as you make your journey into SEO a success.

General Ranking Factors– The definition of general ranking factors is looking up something that is generally there that you are looking for to fix or know how to do.

Specific Ranking Factors is where the customer is looking for something specific so in your blog post you try to put content that would line up with what your customer is looking for their SEO packaging then talk about in your post like hey check out our packages on SEO or something like that. These types of ranking factors deal with more things that are specific to what the customer is looking for in their search.

Factors affected by Pigeon: One of the big most important factors that are affected by pigeon is Domain Authority which would be the authority of inbound links to the domain, and the authority of inbound links to the landing page. Pigeon is a program that Google has uploaded into their system this past year and it has affected so many factors into ranking locally I hope that whoever is up to this case will solve it as soon as possible so that entrepreneurs could be successful in the future.

Negative Ranking Factors- Top 10 Negative Local SEO Ranking Factors, these are the factors that you do not want to happen or do on your very own business site or personal site.

Link Leveraged Business Alliances- If the rate of inbound links from a single site reaches suspicious levels or links are positioned in the footer section, your site might be penalized.

Incorrect Business Listings- If you have stuff listed on your site that is either the wrong business location that you are at then that is a big problem with how people are going to be able to locate you or contact you if you have the incorrect contact information on your business.

Arbitrary Affiliate Program Linkages- Random affiliate linking for SEO could possibly kill your SEO business. Penalization can occur if your company engages in mindless affiliation marketing.

Crawl able NAP- (Name, Address, Phone number) missing from the website on your contact page. Apart from consistency of business address across pages/ listings, your ranking can suffer if the call tracking numbers and actual address differs on various citations.

Keyword Stuffing: If you ever find a site that all it says is one thing that you typed up in the search bar you are going to feel like you should get out of there because all it is talking about is what you searched only in different formats. So anybody that is looking to build a website do not put anything that would scare your customers away.

Multiple Categories are Present in a Common Input Field- If your site is dedicated to a particular purpose but you want to build a different site or blog that does not go with what your site is about then go ahead that would just be a backup link to your original site.

Multiple NAPS: If you’re landing page for your business has multiple crawl able addresses and credentials for your business it can give your site a negative ranking and throw your customers into confusion.

My map Discrepancies: If you’re local business is referred to by more than fifty My Map pointers and the Google users have given low numerical rating of your business’s location, then you should probably change the location or change the way it looks for your customers looking for you.

Same Place Referred to in Multiple Languages-Being able to have the same place referred to in multiple languages you have to have the crawl able bots to either come into your site or find software to go multi-lingual for your site.

Malwares/Adware’s on Site- If your site is a safe place for Trojan and other viruses like that then they can harm the process of potential visitors and be able to get your site to a negative ranking.

Top 5 factors that have a positive effect on Results:

  1. Inbound links with keywords focused on anchor text
  2. Inbound links from a large number of high quality external sites
  3. Inbound links from many different root domains
  4. Keyword featured in title tags
  5. Association of your domain with other trusted domains

Top 5 factors that have a Negative Impact

  1. Cloaking a site’s true content with manipulative or malicious intent
  2. Acquiring paid links from known brokers to boost inbound links
  3. Including links to other pages that are known spam sites
  4. Cloaking by user agent
  5. Recurring server downtime or issues that affect site accessibility

Top 5 factors that have a positive effect on Results:

So by doing the top 5 factors that I showed you, your business will be able to succeed in the SEO world you may not be the top of search engines right now when you do this but after doing it a couple of times. I am sure that people locally around you will be able to find you easier and you can sell him what the customer is looking for.

Top 5 factors that have can negatively impact results:

When it comes to site content and link-building, the factors I showed you that are negative will be unsuccessful. Your rankings will likely suffer if your search engine marketing practices are shown unethical in the SEO business world.

Have content in your site be attracting to your customers as they are looking for a restaurant by the reviews the business got with people eating there. Keep your content interesting as you blog or vlog on your site.


There is always competition in SEO and life so we all have to deal with it. Why this guide is here for you to read is to get enough knowledge to understand some part of SEO. Also to get you a good start on your knowledge on what to do and what is out there in local SEO in your area and everyone’s area different so reach out to some business’s in your area to help out their website.

So that they can get more traffic in their business, so you can earn money by helping a business out with them earning money by getting traffic.So I hope this guide has helped you in your business or in your SEO experience and please leave a comment below and tell me what you think I would surely love your feedback on this guide.



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