Content Manager

The term content manager refers to a fairly new job description. Content managers are responsible for the content on a website. The tasks of a content manager include the strategic planning and creation of digital content as well as the input of content into a content management system (CMS).

Content managers ensure that the right content appears in the right place at the right time on the website they manage. Content managers have to edit texts and images so that they appear in the optimal quality and size on the respective website.

At the heart of a content manager’s job is working with a content management system (CMS) such as Typo3, WordPress or Drupal. This is software for entering digital content on the Internet. This can be texts, graphics or videos.
Tasks of content managers

The job of a content manager combines editorial and technical activities. The range of tasks performed by content managers is very broad, and the tasks are very diverse depending on the company and industry.

Typical tasks of content managers include:

  • Developing a content strategy
  • Planning and coordinating content
  • Creating content
  • Entering content into the CMS
  • Monitoring and controlling content
  • Optimizing content

The tasks of content managers have many interfaces with those of online editors and digital media designers.

Depending on the company, the focus of content managers’ work is on creating content or planning and editing external content. Thus, content managers can either produce content for the Internet themselves or outsource content production to external freelance writers.

Requirements for content managers

Content managers should have textual skills and technical knowledge. Creativity and organizational skills are also important for this profession. In addition to editorial experience, at least basic HTML skills and knowledge of image and video editing are required. In addition, content managers should have SEO know-how and be familiar with social media channels. After all, their job is also about increasing traffic to the website they manage. Furthermore, content managers should be familiar with the optimal usability of websites.

As the person responsible for a company’s web content and the contact person for the content management system, content managers usually work closely with colleagues from other departments. The ability to work in a team is therefore also important for this profession.

Training and areas of work for content managers

Possible courses of study for a later job as a content manager include media informatics, communication science or journalism. It is also important to gain editorial experience and technical know-how through internships.

There are many industries in which content managers can work. Content managers are often employed by media companies, agencies, start-ups or e-commerce companies. There, they maintain the website of the respective company and ensure the strategic planning, creation and publication of target group-specific online content.

Content managers implement companies’ content strategy on the Internet. They ensure that all digital content is of the right quality and in the right place on a website.

The job of a content manager combines editorial work with programming work. Broadly speaking, it involves planning and creating content and adding it to websites.

Job boards offer numerous job opportunities for content managers. In the course of the growing importance of high-quality Internet content for companies, content manager is to be regarded as a job description with a future.


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